Conflict coaching is a process to support peoples’ ability to engage in, manage, or productively resolve conflict.  In this process, the conflict coach works one-on-one with a client experiencing conflict with another person.  Conflict coaching enables the client to talk about the conflict with a neutral third party (the conflict coach), consider options for managing the conflict, and design an approach to discuss the conflict with the other person.  Coaching can be used as a stand-alone process, or can be practiced with each of the parties in separate meetings during mediation.

Conflict coaching can be useful in a variety of circumstances, including conflicts in the workplace, relationships, family disagreements, or business conflicts   In such situations, the conflict coach can serve as a confidential listener, help the client to see the situation from all perspectives, support the client in considering options, and help the client to come up with a plan of action to deal with the conflict.  In conflict coaching, the client, not the conflict coach, is responsible for the outcome.   The conflict coach uses  skills to help the client develop more clarity about the situation, enabling the client to effectively and confidently make high-quality decisions to manage the conflict.  Also, the conflict coach can help the client rehearse a conversation so that the client is prepared to more confidently enter into the conflict resolution discussion.

It usually takes from 4-12 sessions to help you learn new tools, insights, and coaching to help you resolve your issue. However, sometimes if you are really ready to resolve the conflict, it could only take 1-2 sessions.   The following results can be possible out of working with a Coach:

Conflict Resolution Services





  • Gain courage to communicate with difficult people now.
  • Learn tools to deal with conflict.
  • Enhance your communication skills.
  • Gain more ease with addressing conflict.
  • Ask for what you want or need and set boundaries.
  • Gain the courage to communicate your thoughts and feelings.
  • Be able to listen to their side of the story.·
  • Come up with Win/Win solutions to the issues/problems.
  • Create conditions of satisfaction with people who you interact with on a regular basis.
  • Learn to have more compassion and forgiveness for people’s humanity without giving up your values or standards.
  • Distinguish between love or fear when interacting with others.
  • ·Notice what it costs you to stay in fear or defense mode.
  • Learn to complete interactions with people who no longer seem to be healthy for you or those who are going on different paths in life. Both of you can be left empowered.

My price is $125 per hour which includes unlimited email and short breakdown calls between sessions if needed. I also have a sliding fee scale based on ability to pay.($75-$100 per hour).

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