“Cathy has the HIGHEST integrity and works EXTREMELY well with her clients. She gets to the cause of your upsets and breakdowns with laser precision and gets you back in action like never before! Power and passion is her trademark. You get 200% more than you can ever imagine. You don’t hire Cathy, you get your life back, you get your mind straight and you get results…. Cathy exudes Love, Life & Happiness!!!!”

-Frank McCue, Realtor

“Cathy Morrey is an exceptional coach. She listens with compassion, wisdom, and humor. She is able to pinpoint themes and ask powerful questions that lead to action and resolution. In terms of relationship coaching, Cathy can quickly distill what is happening, identify how a situation relates to the person she is coaching and offers steps toward choosing and building the foundation for solid relationships. With her she carries a wealth of information, exercises, and practices to put in place that lead to positive results.”

— Susie Leijten, Author and Trainer

“An early client, I saw the top notch training Cathy received to develop her strong aptitudes. She’s skillful, enthusiastic & supportive; provides insight, guidance & encouragement to help a client make strong progress in defining & achieving goals. In two separate series of sessions, Cathy’s work was key to helping me move forward more effectively.”

-Steven Copley, Consultant

“Cathy Morrey and I have conducted several training sessions together as both Conflict Resolution specialists and as Success Life Coaches. Cathy is a tremendous force in the classroom and one on one. She is both smart, enthusiastic and very motivated to dig deeper with clients and participants to find out what is holding up their movement– forward! She is a delight to work with and very reliable.”

-Mary Anderson, Organizational Consultant and Coach

“Cathy effortlessly guided me into the satisfying role of a trained and confident mediator and community leader. An outstanding trainer, she became known to us as The One Who Empowers. Her out-of-the-box ideas, uncanny intuition and excellent presentation skills, combined with an unwavering integrity, make her my first choice when I need to take my life to the next level.

-Lauren Delp, Community Leader

Conflict Skills Coach

“Cathy Morrey is a fantastic Coach! She possesses an incredible gift of being able to zero in on the root causes behind whatever it is that his holding you up/back – even if you are not quite aware of what it is yourself. She is amazingly insightful and extremely direct, yet gentle – she is very supportive, yet holds you accountable so that you achieve your goals- she’s a very powerful force.”

-Dana Thomas, Paralegal

“I know few leaders who genuinely have the ability to believe in the possibility of each situation or in each individual, and still fewer who are able to help others transform possibilities into realities. Cathy is gifted with an abiding belief in herself that has been built over many years under extremely challenging circumstances, and she has taken this belief and discovered ways to share it with others, so that they may expand their boundaries and realize their dreams.”

— Dave Peyton, Recreation Superintendent


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