Acknowledgement and Appreciation- One of Life’s Most Precious Gifts

True acknowledgement and appreciation are so powerful, yet way under utilized. We get stingy about whether or not the acknowledgement is deserved.  The issue of “deserving” plays out in both the receiving and giving of acknowledgements.

People who feel appreciated will feel more connected to you.  There are less chances of conflict when people really get who they are for each other.

Authentic acknowledgement and appreciation is a gift you give someone, allowing the person to really feel what you enjoy and appreciate about them. Authentic and powerful acknowledgements appreciate who people really are underneath what they did or said.

Are you ready to acknowledgment someone today? Below are some steps that might help you give an authentic and powerful acknowledgement.

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1. Stop first and ground yourself in appreciation for the other person. Feel a sense of admiration for their unique gifts.

2. Express your appreciation for what they do – specify actions that they take for you.

3. Express appreciation for their way of being and their unique expression that underlies what they do or say.

4. Share the impact on you or others out of what they do and who they are being.

Example One: Kelly thanking her coworker Jessica

A. Kelly stops to really feel appreciation for the contributions that Jessica makes in the company.

B. “Jessica, I am so grateful to have you on my team, and I appreciate the various ways you support me in my job by taking so much off my plate.”

C. “I particularly appreciate you asking me what you can do to support me. You always seem to sense when I need help.”

D. “Your follow through allows me to relax and focus on whatever task is before me, knowing that you are supporting me. I am a lot less stressed because of you.”

Example Two: A husband thanking his wife

A. The husband stops first to feel appreciation for his joyful, loving wife

B. “Mary, I appreciate you for loving me even when I get crabby. Thank you for making me laugh when I have had a hard day.

C. Your bright light and upbeat spirit is such a gift to me.

“D. Your energy and enthusiasm about life really inspires me to be my best.

Acknowledgement and appreciation -definitely one of life’s most precious gifts. Remember to express how you feel to people in your life who you appreciate.  Who is that someone special and why do you appreciate him/her?  I would love to hear your thoughts.



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