Conflict Skills Coach Cathy MorreyHi!  My name is Cathy Morrey and helping people resolve & manage conflicts is my passion!

I grew up in a family who was  good at expressing conflict but didn’t exactly know how to resolve or manage conflicts.  This made some of my earlier relationships a challenge for me.  I didn’t know how to communicate what I needed or be fully expressed in my relationships.  After a few failed relationships, I decided to learn all that I could about how to communicate and manage conflict effectively so I would have better relationships with the people who are important to me in life.  I participated in hundreds of hours of Professional Coaching, Training & Medition workshops.  I am also a Professional Life Coach and Conflict Mediator.

I created this website so I can  provide conflict coaching/mediation support for people.   With over 16 years of training and coaching in the areas of conflict resolution and communication,  I would love to assist you.  I am not afraid of conflict so helping people resolve conflict is a joy for me.  Feel free to bring any communication or conflict challenge from your personal or work life and I can help you!  I can coach ou over the phone all over the United States or in person in the San Jose, San Francisco Bay Area.  Money back guarantee.

I also have many tools and important resources to help you!   Feel free to download free resources or comment on my blog posts.  I would love to hear from you.   Please click the “like” button on my Facebook page  as well so you can get short weekly communication and conflict resolution tips and other FREE stuff!!


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