Cathy Conflict Skills Coach pictureThanks for your interest in Conflict Skills Coach. My name is Cathy Morrey and I live in San Jose, California. I work in person with people in the bay area and by phone all over the United States. I coach individuals, couples, families, groups, teams, and organizations on how to resolve conflict.

I have a variety of Services that I offer. I can mediate two-four individuals (teams, business partners, couples or families) to resolve a conflict and come up with an agreement that works for all parties. I coach couples who want to improve their communication skills, enhance their relationship and manage conflictI also coach new couples on how to get really clear on what they want in a relationship and help them work through new disagreements/relationship challenges.  Besides coaching couples to manage conflicts, I also work with individuals and employees to resolve conflict as well.  I can also teach a variety of communication/conflict resolution trainings to help staff and managers get along better so they can be more productive

Conflicts come in all sizes from slight misunderstandings or disagreements, lack of trust, mis-communications to big upsets.  Many of us avoid conflict because we are afraid of hurting people we care about. However, when you avoid conflict, your relationship will suffer. It’s the things that are left unsaid that create the gap between two people.

There are almost no authentic relationships I know that do not have conflict from time to time.  When you have people with different backgrounds,  personalities and points of view, conflict will most likey come up from time to time. But don’t worry if conflict scares you, Conflict Skills Coach can help!

Thanks for stopping by my website Conflict Skills Coach. I look forward to providing you with many tools and ways to resolve conflict with people who are important to you in your personal and professional life. Feel free to read my other blogs and contact me to let me know how I can help you. Please click the “like” button on my Facebook page so you can get short weekly communication/conflict resolution tips & free stuff!


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